Who's Who

Local contra dance bands, callers, dance organizers, dance sound engineers, and other key people and resources

Bands & Musicians

Mason's Apron and Cornbread - contact Patrick Mason  customsports@bellsouth.net  
Hot Java Band - contact Dan McGrath  hotjavaband@gmail.com
Rafter Ringers (Melbourne) - contact Bo Frazer  bofrazer@gmail.com
Stepping Stones (Melbourne) - contact Robin Osgood  robinfiddler@musician.org
Southern Atlantic Muse (S.A.M.)
S.A.M. plays for contra dances drawing from traditional folk music in the New England, Celtic and contemporary repertoire.
Kevin Sheehan on Mandolin and Dorothy Hegarry on Keyboard. Kevin is available to provide sound.  Dorothy Hegarty305-793-3276
On The Fly String Band (also this facebook page)


Brian Kushner  - contraintuitive@gmail.com
Anita Mason - customsports@bellsouth.net,  954-260-0938
John Rogers (Melbourne) - bamboojohn@hotmail.com
Louis F. Dow, II - lfdow@dowstudio.com,  818-305-4048
Eric Harris (Orlando) - callscontras@yahoo.com

Dance Organizers

Arlene Fisher - President, South Florida Contra Dance Society, afish321@aol.com
Anita and Patrick Mason - Hollywood Contra Dance and The Barnacle Barn Dance in Coconut Grove, customsports@bellsouth.net, Anita 954-260-0938, Patrick 954-431-0690
Lora Bennett - Key Largo Contra Dances, largo116@yahoo.com 
Sylvia Kaplan - Long Key Contra Dances at Outdoor Resorts, sylken-solutions@verizon.net, 973-477-1330
Albert Harum-Alvarez - contact for the Dice House dance in Kendall, us.com@me.com, 305-331-1500

Dance Sound

Patrick Mason - customsports@bellsouth.net
Kevin Sheehan (see S.A.M. above)

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