What Is Contra Dance?

Contra Dance is an American folk community dance form that is energetic, social, and lots of fun.  There is no simple way to describe contra dancing.

No experience necessary. You don't need a partner, but bring one if you've got one (and more friends too). Come try it out!

Follow some of the links below for descriptions, instructional and informational videos and some audio tidbits as well.

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Introductory Information

Wikipedia entry on Contra Dance

What is Contra Dancing? from Chattahoochee Country Dancers - includes a great introduction and tutorial videos

NPR story - Youth Flock to Contra Dance

Contra Dancing 101

What is Contra Dance? from another site

Contraculture: An Introduction to Contradancing 

A Contra Dance FAQ

Contradancing: A Living, Swinging Tradition - videos and a radio piece from KPCC (click on "Listen Now")

They come from all over for the old-time dancing - Houston Chronicle

What is Contra Dance Music like? check out the Music from the Contra Dance podcast [iTunes link]

from the Chicago Tribune - Contra dancers may do-si-do, but don't call them squares

from the New York Times - "Walk, Stretch or Dance? Dancing May Be Best for the Brain"

contra dancing on YouTube - lots and lots of videos!

Thoughtful and Humorous Articles about Contra Dance & Dance Etiquette

Guidelines for Butt-Pinching Gentlemen in Skirts

Guns at the Dance and Issues of Etiquette

The Tao of Contra Dancing

Explaining Traditional Squares and Contras to MWSD folks

a Contradance page... - lots of links for beginners, experienced dancers, callers and musicians

come join the fun!

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